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The Leveling Up of Corporate Learning

Recorded June 4th, 2013

Serious games take advantage of the challenge, context and fun in games to achieve serious results. Whether training employees on new skills, practicing critical interactions and decision making or using games as a vehicle for collaboration, organizations are using games as learning solutions at an increasing rate. But, what are some of the groundbreaking applications and where will future advancements take us? Join a panel of industry experts in this webinar as they answer your questions and discuss the current and future state of serious games as a learning and performance tool in business.

Panel of Industry Experts

speakerimageCaroline Avey – a learning strategist with The Regis Company has 18+ years of experience in transformational strategies. Currently, she works on developing strategies & practical applications of learning in virtual worlds, mobile & augmented reality.

Andrew Hughes – founder of Designing Digitally, specializing in E-Learning, Training Simulations, Serious Games, & Virtual Immersive Learning. He has propelled Designing Digitally to be an award winning virtual immersion & E-Learning company.

Jennifer McNamara – VP, Serious Games & Strategic Partnerships at BreakAway, Ltd. leads a team creating game-based solutions for the defense, homeland security, medical, education and corporate training communities.

Koreen Olbrish – Senior Product Manager for lyndaCampus at is passionate about helping people learn more effectively through new uses of technology for organizational performance improvement & behavioral change. She is the author of an upcoming book on Immersive Learning.

What is Going on with Gamification in Corporate Learning?

Recorded April 4, 2013

Gamification is the use of game mechanics in non-game environments. Training and development, employee engagement and IT departments are using gamification as a way to increase training transfer, collaboration and end user experience. But, what is going on with gamification in corporate learning?

Join a panel of industry experts in this webinar as they answer your questions and discuss the current state of gamification as a learning and performance tool in corporate America.

Panel of Industry Experts

speakerimageBarry Kirk – Sr. Director of Digital Strategy brings a decade of experience in marketing & motivation to his role at Bunchball, where he focuses on evangelizing gamification for sustainable engagement from customers & employees.

Jesse Schell – CEO of Schell Games & faculty member at the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center. He is author of The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses. Upon founding Schell Games he has continued to create interactive theme attractions & widely recognized MMOs.

Ross Smith Р25 years of experience with productivity games, trust & management innovation, the last 20 with Microsoft. His team’s approach to reorg РWeOrg: The Freedom to Choose, and using games to raise funds for disaster relief, Communicate Hope, have won awards.

Nathan Verrill – co-founder of Natron Baxter Applied Gaming, whose mission is to design hard-working games that solve problems, drive real-world action & have a net positive impact on the human condition.