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Big Data in Training and Education

February 4, 2014 4:00 PM EST – 5:00 PM EST


4 on the 4th at 4: Data analytics strategies used for business, scientific discovery and public health are beginning to have an impact on training and education. Big data can provide insight into analysis, design and assessment that can impact efficiency and learning outcomes. But, what are some of the groundbreaking applications and where will future advancements take us? Join a panel of industry experts in this webinar as they answer your questions and discuss the current and future state of data analytics training and education.

Panel of Industry Experts


  • Neil Lasher, Senior Instructional Designer, FireEye
  • John Mattox, II, Ph.D., Director of Research, KnowledgeAdvisors
  • Ryan Baker, Associate Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University

This webinar will include video of the panelists. Please test your Internet connection at Select the location closest to you. You will need a download speed of at least 5-10 Mbps to view the video panel without any disruption.